My art serves as a manifestation of childhood memories, intricately woven together in an ongoing dialogue that delves into the complexities of my childhood traumas coinciding with an otherwise loving household. Utilizing mixed media techniques such as stop-motion animation, woodcarving, intaglio etching, and sound work, I explore my conflicting memories surrounding childhood artifacts and spaces.

This crossover of comfort and pain becomes physical as I translate domestic scenes and objects of innocence into drawings, animations, and prints. By adopting a childlike drawing style and interpretation of real locations, I soften the involuntary and fragmented return of challenging memories. My work encapsulates the essence of a suburban upbringing, myself trapped within the confines of a bedroom, perpetually suspended in time. It reflects my struggle with self-identity, a tight-knit family, and constant constraints imposed on me that I wish to break from.

Through my practice, I seek to navigate the complex interplay of comfort and pain associated with notions of home. This exploration aims to unravel the intricate emotional bonds we form with objects and locations, whether they evoke feelings of comfort, pain, or a complex amalgamation of both.